Mark Robinson - I've Made Enough Mistakes Today

  Jack Nitzsche at Spectropop presents

      Prod. by Lee Hazlewood

      Arr. & Cond. Jack Nitzsche

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Lee Hazlewood
The early sixties 45s (click record label for full size scan)
Lee Hazlewood owned labels - '61-'62   Miscellaneous labels - '62  
Gary Crosby - Thats Alright Baby - Gregmark 11 Yolanda - What About Me - Tandem 7002 Mark Robinson - Can't Let Her See Me Cry - Sylvester 10,000   The Crab Creek County High School Band - Chivaree - Old Town 1118 Daniel Stone - Stay In My Heart - Smash 1757 Dorothy Berry - I'm The Girl Who Stopped The Duke Of Earl - BNH 1  
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EDEN Records - Lee Hazlewood owned label - '62-'63
The Sinners - Nightmare - Eden 1 The Fabulous Little Joe - Good Old Summer Time - Eden 2 Ramona King - Oriental Garden - Eden 3 Hondas - Twelve Feet High - Eden 4 Ramona King - Ballyhoo - Eden 5 Ramona King - What About You - Eden 6
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PS Tall tales from the backwoods.
He recorded as both Albert and Daniel Stone, was one-quarter (with Gracia Nitzsche, Marty Cooper and Lee Hazlewood) of The Shacklefords and I suspect Mr. Stone's strong, soulful voice was also lead on The Hondas' and Sinners powerful Eden Records 45s.
More of a wild guess, The Dreams "Inexperience"/"Too Late" (Smash 1748), a Sill - Hazlewood Production with no arranger credit, fits neatly and with its ethereal strings sounds right for the late 61/ early 62 time frame of Nitzsche-Hazlewood collaborations. The identity of the group is also of interest, both sides' feature white, soft Paris Sisters style vocals. I wonder if with the vocal similarities to her Sue Records releases and Hazlewood's admiration of her voice, Gracia Nitzsche might be one of the vocalists?

Friend of the site John P. Dixon dropped me a line AND put me straight on the identity of The Dreams! (I still cling to the hope that Jack may still have arranged the cuts though)
The Dreams were Connie Conway's daughters Donna & Pam Crunk (Connie's real last name) and another friend, Jan Cox sometimes. They did most of the girl backgrounds at Audio Recorders and they were also on vinyl as The Threeteens (Rev & Todd) and The Cupcakes (Time). As the Dreams they drove to L.A. to work with Lee and cut 4 sides, the single and also the unreleased tracks "No Love Lost" & "I Forgot About You." Donna & Pam still live in Phoenix.
John. P. Dixon
And there's still Lee's own Smash 45...

Interviewed by Goldmine (I think but I would like to have the source confirmed) Lee Hazlewood had this to say:
What About Jack Nitzsche?
"He was a copyist that i started as an arranger in this business. Nitzsche did a few sessions with me. I couldn't catch a hit with him at all. I introduced him to Phil Spector. They had hit after hit. I used to tease Phil... "you took my arranger". He said you didn't do anything for him, I turned him into something." I said "you're right". I love Jack. The night he won the Academy Award for Top Gun, he came down and gave me a big handshake and hug and said "you did it".
His memory may be off on many (most! of the details) but his feelings come across loud and clear.

Jack Nitzsche told Denny Bruce many stories, a couple of funny titbits concern Lee, "Jack said the longer Lee lived in LA the thicker his Texas accent became. Jack called him a "professional Texan." Jack was having dinner at Martoni's one night and went to the "gent's room." Lee and Duane Eddy came in. Jack was talking with Lee while Duane took a piss. They were all ready to leave and Lee said "Duane, you didn't wash your hands." Duane said "I didn't piss on 'em. Lee."

No direct connection between Lee & Marty Cooper's The Shacklefords recordings and Jack Nitzsche, although Jack's wife Gracia and one of his favourite singers Albert Stone were in the group but of interst none the less is a radio interview with Lee & Marty. Hear the interview on Marty Cooper's Produced By.. page.

Lee Hazlewood (1929 - 2007)

There are few artists who came close to matching the musical vision, talent, diversity of recorded material let alone the prodigious output that came from the pen and piano of Jack Nitzsche. It could be argued that Lee Hazlewood's body of work not only equalled but surpassed that of Jack Nitzsche's.

May he Rest In Peace

Martin Roberts


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