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When I look at a list of all the things I've done, it really does blow my mind. I really did a lot of stuff and nobody knows it
- Jack Nitzsche.
(From an interview for "The Encyclopedia Of Record Producers)" Billboard Books, 1999).
All the news...Nitz and Bitz
updated 15th June 2011

During my sabbatical from the site information has continued to come in regarding Jack Nitzsche so give yourself plenty of time, it's a BUMBER update.
The first scoop Anthony Reichardt has continued his email conversations with Mike Clifford and Mike has supplied two unreleased tracks, intended for the movie "Village Of The Giants", as the Record of the Month.
While we're talking movies, the second scoop a hitherto unaccredited Jack Nitzsche soundtrack for the 1966 'film' Mondo Bizarro. And the tale of how the previously un-heard Jack Nitzsche cut "Surf Finger" (and other tracks) turned up on this load of garbage is bizarre in the extreme. Lots of sound clips to hear with this review.
Mondo Bizarro Film Review
Also on the Movie Reviews page a very Jack Nitzsche focused review of the T.A.M.I. Show. The Shout! DVD is an essential purchase but are you aware quite how much Nitzsche contributed to it?
T.A.M.I. Show Film Review
Been going through my drawers and have posted a fair few Jack Nitzsche magazine interviews and features.
First off one sent to me from Harry Young, a long interview, Gracia Nitzsche is also quoted, from a 14th August 1965, Recorld World. (All the quotes from the Songwriters Review featurette came from this paper).
Record World Interview.
A UK Melody Maker interview from December 23rd 1978 is interesting, concentrating on his work at the time.
Melody Maker Interview.
The Wire reviews have been tidied up you should be able to read them all now.
Three reviews in Wire.
I was also sent a September 2009 copy of Ruta 66 a Spanish rock/pop magazine by Iñaki Orbezua. Three full colour pages devoted to the life and work of Jack Nitzsche. Sadly it's written in Spanish but you should be able to understand the gist of the article.
Ruta 66 feature.
Thanks to Mike Edwards for sending a 1966 radio interview with Marty Cooper and Lee Hazelwood to promote "The Shacklefords Sing" album.
Marty Cooper & Lee Hazelwood Shacklefords Radio Interview.
I hope I haven't missed anything if you sent me some info and I've not used it please re-send. In the meantime enjoy what you've got.

updated 7th February 2011

It's been a lurking presence tormenting me every time I've gone near my PC or waking me in those early hours with a shudder but finally A Koppelman-Rubin Associates, Prod. Arr. & Cond. Jack Nitzsche is finished. (Well as near as anything is ever done and dusted on this site.) Five years in the making and what do you get? A page on Charles Koppelman and Don Rubin's beginnings in the biz, including a few exclusives; Two pages on Jack Nitzsche's work for Koppelman & Rubin with artists as diverse as The Turtles, Zal Yanovsky, Gary Lewis, Bobby Darin, Petula Clark, Jackie DeShannon and Rick Nelson; One page devoted to the writing talent of Alan Gordon pre, post and with Garry Bonner: A discography of Jack's recordings with K & R and later work with Alan.
Alan Gordon was very supportive of the article and I'm sorry he never saw it finished. He along with Garry Bonner, Gary Lewis and Denny Bruce have added their views and tales of the times.
As I was saying, nothing is ever done and dusted...Owen Coppin wrote to tell me of an update to Prod. by Terry Melcher; Arr. & Cond. Jack Nitzsche, Jack scored the horns for Terry's production of Paul Revere & The Raiders "Ups And Downs". The Discography page has also been updated by Anthony Reichardt, with this weeks ROTM by Mike Clifford.

updated 17th June 2010

Gracia Nitzsche

Gracia Nitzsche (1936-2008) Remembered

Marty Cooper wrote of a film showcased at Cannes, "Hollywood Don't Surf" a feature length documentary about the history of surfing in film. Marty & Jack's "The Lonely Surfer" get's a nice segment.

updated 09th September 2009

Sorry I've been absent from the site for a while, can't promise a regular service but hope there won't be such a long delay in future.
I was very sad to hear of the deaths of Nitzsche friends and colleagues Alan Gordon, Lee Hazelwood, Willy DeVille and Ellie Greenwich. I never knew Ellie, although I thought I did through her music, and Willy, well he seemed an ideal running mate for Jack and they made some fine music, including an excellent version of Ellie Greenwich (and Jeff Barry & Phil Spector)'s "Little Boy".
Alan Gordon I did know through the site, and if there is a nicer, funnier man in pop music I've not met him. Alan was always willing to answer my questions and I feel guilty that a project we'd been working on, which should have been finished before his death, is still not complete. I intend to finish it by the next update. Christian Gordon has set up a web site with details of his father's work The Alan Gordon Music Library.
Mick Patrick informed me of one other death that has missed any media attention, that of Jack's former wife Gracia Nitzsche. With help from Jack Nitzsche Jr., a tribute page has been set up, Gracia Nitzsche Remembered.
Ace CD details Where The Girls Are Vol.7 The Discography page has been updated with a number of previously unreleased Nitzsche recordings.
Ace Records have 4 tracks over the same number of CDs:
The Satisfactions "Woman In Love (With You)" Where The Girls Are Vol.7
(This CD also contains the incredibly rare (i.e. I haven't got a copy) Marry Clayton "The Doorbell Rings".)
Tammy Grimes "I Can't Remember Ever Loving You" On Vine Street - The Early Songs Of Randy Newman
Darlene Love "Let Him Walk Away" So Much Love - A Darlene Love Anthology
Donna Loren "That's The Boy" Glitter And Gold - Words And Music by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil
buying info for Neil Young Archives Vol.1 (1963-1972) Neil Young has also been rummaging through his basement and, as a follow-up to his first Archive set "Live at the Filmore East" CD/DVD, has released the "Neil Young Archives Vol.1 (1963-1972)". Available in three formats, two contain Young's film "Journey Through The Past" - Nitzsche can be seen in this - and a 236 page hard-back book. All contain live and studio recordings including plenty of previously unreleased cuts, many featuring Jack. For fans of Mr. Young it's a must buy. For those less committed, don't forget it's possible to buy single mp3s.
Around the time of Young's "Live at the Filmore East" release, friend of the site, Owen Coppin, contacted me in regards to Jack's work with Neil Young, particularly his live work. This period is discussed (in fairly harrowing detail) in Jimmy McDonough's excellent biography of Neil Young, "Shakey". Owen sent me an extensive collection of live 'bootleg' recordings, all claiming to feature Jack Nitzsche in the line-up. Some wonderful moments, but playing them in a row was a bit foolish. I certainly understood why Jack behaved a bit crazy on these tours; I didn't actually want to piss on Neil's carpet, but could understand why Jack did!
buying info for Al Hazan - The Sixties, Volume 1 Al Hazan produced many excellent records with Jack Nitzsche: Terry Day "Just Another Broken Heart", Al Anthony "The Force Of Love" and The Starr Sisters "All Because Of You". These plus other collaborations, some which never gained release at the time and fine examples of Al's work without Nitzsche, are now available on two CDs from cdbaby Al Hazan - The Sixties, Volume 1 and Volume 2
Another producer friend of the site, Marty Cooper, has also had a CD released recently: The Shacklefords...Sing. Originally on Capitol, this was the second LP release from the 'group', a studio creation of Marty & Lee Hazelwood, who wrote, produced and sang with session singers. Gracia Nitzsche & Albert Stone were vocalists on the first Mercury album and possibly on this one also.
buying info for The Shacklefords...Sing Good to see this CD on the shelves, but a bit rough that his (and often Jack's) work with Bobby Day, The Victorians and even Jack Nitzsche's instrumentals "Old Town" & Puerto Vallarta, both co-written with Marty, have escaped a proper CD compilation.
The Tulsa Area Music Archives has recently been providing much enjoyment, with many hours of music from leading session musician Leon Russell. The founder of TAMA and the genial host of the podcasts, Steve Todoroff, has, as of this writing, presented 9 hours worth of music and appreciation of the bearded Tulsan pianist. Jack was a big fan of Leon's work and hired him for many/most of his sessions. Naturally, many Nitzsche tracks are included on the podcasts/downloads.
buying info for Bomp! Saving The World One Record At A Time Greg Shaw supplied plenty of help and encouragement when I started on the Jack Nitzsche site and I?m pleased to recommend a recently published book by his widow, Suzy, with Mick Farren, Bomp! Saving The World One Record At A Time. Reprinting many articles that appeared in his various ?zines, the book captures the zeal that Greg had in promoting the music and artists he loved. Buy a copy.
Not all good news on the Jack Nitzsche reissue front, Mark Linnet tells me that the proposed Rhino set "is sadly still on indefinite hold". This will be the second or possibly even third proposed Reprise/WEA Nitzsche collection for release on Rhino that I know of. Mark Linett's plans certainly seemed the most interesting and it really would be too bad if the project was left on the back burner.
I'm sure there is more news that should be on 'Nitz & Bitz' but, besides my long sabbatical, I also had a computer crash and lost about two years' worth of notes, emails, contacts and other bits. If you wrote with some info and I've not used it, write again.

updated 09th March 2008

buying info for On Vine Street: The Early Songs Of Randy NewmanDue soon on Ace Records (who else!) "Vine Street: The Early Songs Of Randy Newman" compiled and with sleeve notes by Mick Patrick is a must have. More info when I've got my copy.
I got my copy of "Girl Answer Songs Of The 60s" and very good it is too but I am disappointed with the sleeve notes for Sammi Lynn's entry. Despite the main facts, produced Ron Barrett, arranged Jack Nitzsche, first released on Staccatto and Sammi Lynn confirmed as aka Gracia Nitzsche coming from Ron Barrett's Producer pages the only credit for this comes in a rather vague "my gratitude goes to the Spectropop wesite" at the booklets end. I've checked with Ron and can't say I share the writers assumptions over the records recording either.
I forgot to mention last time that the Discography page has been updated.

updated 27th January 2008

I'm sure there will be but for now a New Year with nothing to report.

Nitz and Bitz archive, Aug '06-Dec '06
Nitz and Bitz archive, Jan '07-Dec '07

I visit your Jack Nitzsche site regularly, and still get choked up every time. I'm so deeply touched that you have kept the site alive and that people keep adding to it.
- Jack Nitzsche Jr.
Record Of The Month
Mike Clifford - Marianne (Sunset Sound Recorders Acetate)
Mike Clifford - Marianne
(Sunset Sound Recorders Acetate)
Anthony Reichardt wrote to the site with a another new Jack Nitzsche & Mike Clifford discovery:
"I have been in contact with singer, MIKE CLIFFORD recently. We were talking about his brief appearance in the 1965 teen 'B' movie, 'Village of the Giants'. He said that he recorded two songs for the movie that Jack Nitzsche arranged. The first being, 'NOTHING CAN STAND IN MY WAY' which was supposed to be in the opening credits but was left on the cutting room floor in the final edit. The second tune was entitled, 'MARIANNE'. This song Mike Clifford performed in the picture but his screen time was less than a minute long so the song was quite abbreviated. He said that both of the songs were written by Jack Nitzsche and Russ Titelman. He said that he still had an old acetate disc that contained both tunes and has since send them to me on an CD.
Great backing tracks in the oh-so classy Nitzsche style.

Anthony Reichardt
Anthony has continued his email conversations and for the next update a feature on the "Record Reviews..." page will focus on the four hitherto unknown Clifford - Nitzsche tracks, including for a short time mp3s of all the cuts.

Thank You...very much! An appreciation of the folks who inspired the creation of the site.

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